Meet Queen of Cups, Amanda Glover.

Graphic designer turned candle maker, Amanda explores her interests through the mystical world of scent.


Queen of Cups was founded in 2018 by Creator, Amanda Glover in Portland, Oregon. After a mass layoff at her graphic design job, Amanda started to explore her creative passions and decided to start her own small business. She became deeply inspired by an in depth tarot reading course she had completed, and developed The Tarot Series candles. By combining her new found knowledge and past candle making hobby she created something fully unique. 

With the success of the tarot candles, she then began exploring subject matter ranging from Goddess energy to Disco counter culture. Always developing highly sophisticated scents, Amanda is an expert in capturing the essence of a topic and personifying it through candles. She has created scents for local women owned brands like The Naked Peach and The Perlene that embody their brand through finding the perfect blend of aromatics.

In 2022 she completed her DREAM of making a mobile candle cart, selling candles out of a remodeled tear drop trailer. She has vended with her cart at events such as The Portland Flea, and the famous PNW event Dreamroll. Now she plans to focus on expanding wholesale accounts to free up time to explore other passions that will in no doubt influence the candle series to come. 

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