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Creativity Set

Creativity Set

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Swords Tarot Candle: Citrus + Jasmine
Sage + Yerba Santa Bundle
Rough Citrine Crystal Point

This Creativity Set is uplifting and energizing thanks to our favorite crystal: Citrine! Place the crystal in your workspace and let magick happen. The sweet scent of Yerba Santa + Sage will help you to release what is holding you back while lifting you up as you clear your space with this bundle. Then free your mind of clutter and let creativity flow when lighting our bright and inspiring Swords Candle. Yes!

* size of crystal and herb bundle may vary


100% Soy wax, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils.

How to use

*For optimal burn please allow the candle to melt to the edges during the first use.

*Remember to remove the char on the wick before relighting.

*If char is prohibiting full flame, or candle is not remaining lit, SAFELY use back of lighter to kick off char while candle is lit, flame should resume properly.


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Return policy

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